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Published March 2016!

A premium full-color photo book, 12 x 12 inches, 104 pages, celebrating the artistry of Rik Pierce.

Click HERE or on the book cover for more information and preview pages from the book.

Rik Pierce emerged as a premiere miniature artisan in 1999 when he displayed  his castle "East of the Moon".

Since that time he has rapidly become the leading castle and fantasy structure creator of our time. Please take the time to look at his castles, interiors and  finally Hogwarts, a commissioned  castle that   debuted  in April of 2003.

Rik's castles and structures are certainly one of a kind pieces that deserve  special attention. To view the famous fantasy creations by Rik, please  click here or East of the Moon above!

A little history.....

Although Rik’s appearance in the world of miniatures has been relatively recent, he has always shown an interest and in art which has blended with every aspect of his life. Rik worked many years as a cartographer for the city of Los Angeles. He then decided it was time to follow his passion for architecture and design and remodel older homes. As he did this it allowed him to use many of his design, texture and graphic skills. And from there it was just a small leap into the world of miniature architectural design! And that leap was “East of the Moon” in 1999.  And the rest is Creative Paperclay© history!

Creative Paperclay©…would that be paper mache? A special kind of baking clay, a home crafted clay? Nope. Creative Paperclay© comes in blocks of beige pliable clay. It is the product from which Rik Pierce crafts stones, bricks, walls, all masonry, rocks, cobblestone streets and on. In fact, Creative Paperclay© has a website at www.creativepaperclay.com  where one can learn about the product. But don't be deceived! It might sound easy, but not so. Creative PaperClay©  takes practice, design skill and the ability to envision a result.  If that sounds like it requires an artist's touch, it is because it does! So with this brief history of Rik's appearance in the miniature world and the use of Creative PaperClay©, please visit his Fantasy Creations, Interiors and Hogwarts!

Just one more note....

This website was created to display the many  magnificent pieces  created by Rik Pierce of Frogmorton Studios. These  fantasy structures are not for sale; please feel free to contact Rik if you have questions regarding commissioned pieces.  Please be aware that there is currently a waiting list as Rik has several commissioned pieces in process. But he urges you to enjoy the site, the fantasy and the fun as you  view the creations of Frogmorton Studios!

To view all of Rik's work in a Web photo gallery, including photos for both classes and many projects,  please click here

To contact Rik, please click the  frog!

Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios
12917 NW 42nd Ct.
Vancouver, WA 98685


Phone:  559-635-8225

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