Fantasy Creations

Rik has created an entire collection of miniature structures---castles, cottages, treehouses, caves, lighthouses and more! So please enjoy the viewing of each. This website has just one or two pictures of the structures, but they may be viewed in their entirety in his web photo gallery  by clicking the  wizard!


East of the Moon
This amazing castle 5 feet high castle came complete with a dungeon and alchemist.  Check the interior pictures or  view all the pictures at the photo gallery!

Mother Nature's Enchanted Palace
This  is an extensive piece that rises approximately 61/2' high and is 5' long. A moat, stairways, and a marble floor make this clearly a signature piece.  This piece now resides permanently in the American Museum of Miniature Arts in Dallas.


The Faery Cottage


Merlyn's Cave
Another Frogmorton masterpiece!

Toadmoor Manor

The Treehouse

“Brackenwood Vale Treehouse” is yet another very unique Frogmorton fantasy creation; it held some very special challenges because the entire trunk open up to reveal three unique floors. It is now on display at Mary's Miniatures,  The Mary Fisher Collection, a museum in Carthage Missouri.

Toadwart's Amazing Technicolor Dreamscope

Bilbo's House at Bag End
There are many photos of Bilbo's, so please click on a thumbnail to view them closely!


Please take the time to view the interior of all of these structures. The details inside are as overwhelming as those on the outside. Please click here

To view Hogwarts castle click here .

Rik created a Mill in 2005 which Sally Wallace turned into a Wayfarer's Station.  Please click here to visit her site and lots of photos!

To contact Rik, please click the  frog!