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Sally Lunn's
Kitchen Area
Kitchen Area
Sally Lunn's - Another View
Closeup of Exterior View
Upstairs Bedroom
Sitting Room and Stairs
Upstairs Living Quarters
Banquet Hall from Back Side
Front Door and Bow Window
Far Left Actual Entry Door
Open View of all Levels
Sleeping Quarters
Lower Public Dining Room
Main Banquet Hall
Lower Public Room View 2
Lower Public Room
Kitchen Area with Oven
Kitchen in the Basement
Open View
Another Open View
Inspiration for Sally Lunn's

Sally Lunn's if a famous historical eating house in the center of the city in Bath England and  is one of the oldest houses in Bath. It is here that the legendary baker Sally Lunn created the first Bath bun - an authentic regional speciality now known the world over.

We fell in love with this beautiful place when on a Molly Cromwell Miniature Tour. Dining there on two occassions holds special memories for us. Dani Muckleroy was also on this tour, and ceased the moment to request Rik to recreate it in miniature for her personal collection, and he was delighted to help her make her wish come true.  Marcia took numerous pictures to caputure the essence of the building. The exterior closely resembles the existing building, but artistic license was used in designing the interior as he so desired. Dani was awed when she first saw it finished at the Philadelphia Miniature show and lovingly refers to it as her "Monster House!" It was very rewarding to have so many people view it and say, "I know that place and saw it when I was in Bath!"

Sally Lunn’s Detailed

by Dani Muckleroy

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