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Smuggler’s Cottage

This pure fantasy structure is reminescent of the stone buildings depicted in the PBS Poldark series when times were tough and  Ross Poldark assisted poachers in salvaging remains from shipwrecks along the coast of Cornwall and hiding them from the English authorities until a time they could be retieved and sold for profit. Within this rugged and weathered 16th - 18th century dwelling, Rik included a hidden storage room honed out of rock on the lower level to hide ill-gotten gains. You can almost hear the wind blowing and see the tides ebbing as activity transpires around this ancient fantasy hideaway with its living quarters, rugged walls, and hidden passageways. Come inside if you dare and let your imagination carry you back to the shores of Cornwall.

Smuggler's Cottage
Interior View
Exterior View
Exterior Waterway
Smuggler's Cottage
Side & Interior View
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