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Hagrid's Hut
Hagrid's Hut Another View
Back Side of Hagrid's Hut
Pumpkins and Hippogriff
Right Side of Hagrid's Hut
Interior View
A Feast to Behold
Timbers, Door, and Coat Rack
Kitchen Cupboard
Hagrid and Fang
Hagrid and Fang Upclose
Garden Area
Buckbeak the Hippogriff
Sleeping Quarters
Sleeping Area
Misc. Mess
Stone Wall and Coat Area
Owl and Kitchen Items
Hearth and Table

Rik's version of Hagrid's Hut that he and Sally collaborated on. When asked if she wanted it to look like the book described it or like the move, she chose the movie version. This is a favorite piece that gives the viewer so many interesting things to view. Rik did the landscaping and made the pumpkins, and Sally detailed it to perfection.

Hagrid’s Hut Detailed

by Sally Wallace

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