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Neptune’s Needle

Neptune's Needle was displayed at the opening preview at the Tom Bishop International Show in Chicago when June Schuette first laid eyes on it. Rik was not at the table at the time, and when he arrived he found a calling card from June carfully placed by the piece with a hand written message saying, "I would like this Neptune' Needle."  

The lighthouse is an imposing structure built with rugged boulders supporting the massive tower. Gothic windows, a beautiful chimney and gorgeously detailed inside walls that Rik formed from Creative Paperclay® are stunning and add to its grace and beauty. Throughout the show June would with appear with beautifully crafted furniture by David Hurly to see how it would look within the walls of her newly acquired lighthouse.  

We were thrilled to have her add this creative piece to her personal collection.

Neptune's Needle
Neptune's Needle
Closeup of Upper Level
Beautiful Interior Photo
Interior View 2
Interior View 3
Interior View 4
Neptune's Needle Exterior View 2
Neptune's Needle
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