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Rapunzel's Tangled Tower
Closeup of Tower & Window
Tower Rotation View 1
Closeup of Rotation View 1
Tower Rotation View 2
Closeup of Rotation View 2
Tower Rotation View 3
Closeup of Rotation View 3
Tower Rotation View 4
Closeup of Rotation View 4
Tower Rotation View 5
Closeup of Rotation View 5
Tower Rotation View 6
Closeup of Rotation View 6
Tower Rotation View 7

Rapunzel's Tower was inspired by the Grimms Fairy Tales and stands 42" tall.


The blue tiles were made out of Creative Paperclay® to cover the witch's cap finial, which is the crowning feature above the 8-sided octagon tower living space with leaded glass windows.


Corbels galore that were hand cast by Rik support the tower and he gave each student hands-on instruction techniques to aid them in creating their own special tree trunk. 

The resin pored water that surrounds the base makes for the perfect setting for this fairy tale piece.

Rapenzel’s Tangled Tower

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