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Fair Rosamond’s Bower

Fair Rosamond's Bower is one of our favorite pieces. It was inspired by The Bridge House we saw when touring the Lake District in England. This edifice was constructed some 300 years ago in the lovely town of Ambleside. 

Intrigued with the legendary story of Henry II, Rik created this piece to represent the dwelling for Henry's  mistress, Rosamond Clifford, who supposedly lived in a bower inside the castle walls that only Henry knew how to find. 

Every angle of this piece is a work of art, depicting beautiful gothic stained glass windows, and mythical beasts and garoyles on the exterior walls. He used Creative Paperclay® to form the tile roof, plastered walls, and stonework for the walls and walkway. He also incorporated a number of his original castings. The resin poured water flowing beneath the bridge adds to the charm of this quaint piece.


Fair Rosamond's Bower
Side View
Interior View of Upper Level
Beautiful Closeup of Front
Gorgeous View of Side and Front
Closeup of Chimney
Another View of Upper Level
Side View of Ornate Window
Excellent View of Waterway
View from Chimney Side
Closeup of Trim Around Roof
Ornate Window
Bridge Over Waterway
Back of Rosamond's Bower
Chimney Side and Interior
Another Closeup of Front
Inspiration for Rosamond's Bower
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