This fanciful treehosue reaches a majestic height of 4' and is over 3' wide. Rik made the knarly tree trunk and root system out of Creative Paperclay®.

When Marcia saw the pile of leaves he planned to add to the tree, she suggested that since it depicted the fall season, the leaves could conceivably have all fallen to the ground! But Rik was insistent on hand gluing the leaves that numbered approximately 2,000 onto the various branches one-by-one. The time spent creating the final look was well justified when one views the gorgeous array of fall colors displayed on this beautiful tree!

Originally acquired by Mary Fischer, this piece now resides at the Midwest Miniature Museum in Hickory Corners MI. We give special thanks to Chad Ream of Imaginarium Pictures who took these beautiful professional photos at the museum for us. Information on his company may be viewd on his website at

Brackenwood Vale


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