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This 14th century French Castle was designed for Barbara Meade. Rik incorported various aspects to include a special place to display her baby dragon hatching out of its egg, and the conversational submarine that is reminescent of the one in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which appealed to both of them!


The alchemist who dwells in this castle has his own observatory which is separated by a bridge from the main structure, and includes a telescope and a fold away platform built to a Leonardo Da Vinci design. 

A greenhouse conservatory is available for his use in experimenting with plant mutations. 

There is also a "Little Folk" dwelling on the cliff side with its own access to the ocean.

This is one of Rik's all time favorite pieces and Barbara was delighted with the outcome!

View of Submarine
Stunning Interior Room
"Rik" in Conservatory
Paperclay® and Rock Closeup
Gargoyle by Front Door
Dragon Hatching
Front Door
Brick design by Rik
Fantastic Outside Photo
Closeup of Submarine
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