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East of the Moon

East of the Moon was Rik's first dollhouse and was exhibited at the Tom Bishop International Show in Chicago. It made quite a hit and was the beginning of his miniature career. It is an imposing structure with towers, gothic windows, stone steps, and a dungeon and laboratory for the resident alchemist named Wilhelm Phorten, which translates into English as Bill Gates.


Rik incororated several computer gargoyles into this fanciful piece that are intertwined into his magical story which also includes a tale about Balustrade, the castle's resident gargoyle, who resides there by the good will of King Arthur. Rik designed, wrote and hand lettered the 80 page story in Old English script. 

Of particular interest is the astrolabe he created which is an  astronomical instrument for taking the altitude of the sun or stars and for the solution of other problems in astronomy and navigation. In this mythical tale, it foretold the future of Bill gates and the introduction of Windows 98 as depicted on the stone tablets held by one of the mythcal gargoyles.  

East of the Moon
Handmade book by Rik
Old English pages by Rik
Gargoyle with Joy Stick
Alchemist doll by Rik
Table by Rik
Front Door
Astrolabe by Rik
Back View
Interior View
Beautiful Shot of Interior
Another Exterior View
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