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Thatched Cottage
Side and Back View
Front of Cottage
Great Shot of the Front
Detailed by Lenor Johnson
Lovely Interior Picture
Another Interior Picture
Inspiration for Thatched Cottage
Inspiration for Thatched Cottage

English Thatched Cottage

Detailed by Lenor Johnson

Rik's English Thatched Cottage class was a favorite among  his students. Its fairy tale style and English flair seems to appeal to everyone.


His inspiration for this piece came while we were touring the quaint village of Kersey in Suffolk, England. On another trip we enjoyed watching an actual thatched roof being repaired. That is quite an art and takes a skilled master craftsman to properly perfect the finished roof.

Rik has mastered his own technique for making a faux thatched roof out of balsa wood. The cottage also has lovely leaded windows, distressed timbers, and plaster walls designed from Creative Paperclay®.

This class project was transformed into a beautfil masterpiece by Lenor Johnson and her lovely version has been published many times in miniature magazines. Please see her work revealed in the attached photos.

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