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This magical piece was commissioned by Sally Wallace and was designed to fulfill  her and Rik's imagined version of Hogwarts. It was created with numerous gargoyles, dormatories, stairways and hidden passages. It stands apporximately 6' high x 5' feet wide x 4' deep. Rik worked on it for two years and used about 200 lbs. of Creative Paperclay® in constructing this magnificent creation which consists of 5 individual sections. It was a work of love and Sally truly brought it to life when she detailed it to the maximum as depicted in various attached pictures. 

Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom
Hospital Wing
Tower Closeup
Hogwarts Opened Up
Tower and Leaded Windows
Gryffindors Common Room
Rik Viewing the Main Hall
Open Door to Boy's Dormitory
Snape's Dungeon
Dumbledore's Offices
Great Closeup Shot
Rik Making Final Touches
Main Hall
Closeup of Walls
Entry Portal for the Boats
Base of Tower
Closeup of Boat Portal
Boat Resting in Alcove
Overall View of Hogwarts
Left Side at Chicago Show
Right Side at Chicago Show
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