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Market Hall

Rik was inspired to build the Medieval Market Hall after we came across an ancient lych gate while touring in Long Compton in the Cotswolds. Although he transformed his version into a market hall, it is very similiar in structure and appearance to the lych gate.

He used technique he has acquired on his own to make a stunning looking thatched roof out of balsa wood. Varied brick patterns he incorporated into the drive through passageway add texture and beauty to this special piece.


Come inside and look around to decide how many tables you will need to set up to sell your fruits, vegetables and wares at the next Market Hall event!

Market Hall
Market Hall from the Other Side
Upper Floor Fireplace
Front Entry
Closeup of Thatched Roof
Front View
Detailed Thatched Roof
Another Exterior View
Interior View
Inspiration For Market Hall
Inspiration for Market Hall
Inspiration for Market Hall
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