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Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic it a joint effort between Rik and Sally Wallace to create their version of this magical piece. The creativity that went into designing this piece is extraordinary, and the wheels of both Rik and Sally never quit spinning! Come inside and see where your imagination can take you!

Ministry of Magic
The Wizengamot
View 2 of Wizengamot
Flue Network and Elevator Plaza
Gorgeous Elevators
Elevator showing more details
Elevator - Another perspective
Details at end of elevator
Another Elevator View
Opposite side of elevator
Exterior view of Ministry of Magic
Inside of the Leaky Caldron
Leaky Caldron
Ministry of Magic View 2
Inside Leaky Caldron
Another View of Leaky Caldron
Leaky Caldron
Fireplace in Leaky Caldron
Judge's Podium
Closeup Shot of Wizengamot
Fountain in Entry of Ministry of Mag
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