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Tanglewood is a roombox class that Rik has given in various areas, One of the venues was in Garstang, England where Sue Simpson coordinated the workshop. Her husband, Neil, used his workshop skills to help complete the kits for prior to the class. Staying in their home and touring England with them was a highlight of the trip.


Sue has since given classes on her own to teach others the techniques she learned. It's very rewarding to see she how much she has accomplished and it pleases Rik to see how far she has come. 

The interior has a beautfiul stone and copper fireplace with a brick insert, and a stunning wooden floor. The wooden front door and diamond paned windows help set off the appeal of the exterior of the dwelling.

Front View and Passageway
Front Door & Leaded Windows
Bookshelf & Fireplace
Side Passageway
Gorgeous Interior View
Verdigra Copper over Fireplace
Front View Closeup
Door, Archway and Gargoyles
Exterior View
Complete Interior View
Tanglewood by Sue Simpson
Interior by Sue Simpson
Interior by Sue Simpson
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