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Three Bears' Cottage
Beautiful Interior Photo
Three Bear's Cottage
Three Bears' Cottage
Tiny Dwelling Abode

Rik's Tudor Cottage was one of his most popular classes. Bluette Meloney took the class from him and transformed it into what became called The Three Bears' Cottage. Her rendition of this project has been on magazine covers.  She graciously donated it for an auction to benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, and now it is permanently on display in The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson AZ for all to enjoy. Their website link is

When Rik started giving classes, Bluette called and asked if she could come to our home and have Rik show her how to use Creative Paperclay®, and of course he was delighted to have her come over. After their paperclay session, Bluette told Rik to sit down and she'd show him how to make faux marble floors! The two of them have had a lot of good times together and we're glad to have her as one of our miniature friends!

Three Bears' Cottage

Detailed by Bluette Meloney

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