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Toadwood Vale

The design, angles, contours and details on  thie particular piece give the viewer so many things to look at and enjoy. The eyebrow window with the wave coarsed roof are stunning. Rik hand cuts each and every piece from wood. The magnficent towers are formed from Creative Paperclay® and tie in so nicely with the wave coursing. His expertise at incorporating plaster,and brick patterns are framed beautifully within the hand distressed timbers. 

Michelle Carter made the beautiful red and yellow flowers depicted in another view of this structure, and they added so much beauty to this one-of-a-kind piece.

Rik's wife, Marcia, says that this one has captured her heart, and she's sure it will capture your heart as well! This piece was acquired by Pinky Fisher.

Toadwood Vale
Flowers by Michelle Carter
Stone & Plaster from Paperclay®
Beautiful Closeup of Front
Wave Course Roof & Tower
Michelle Carter Flowers
Front Door and Stone Entry
Diamond Pane Window w/Flowers
Great Exterior Shot
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