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Vale of the Black Toad
Left Front Corner View
Left Front Corner Up Close
Front Entry and Tower
View of Left Front
Looking Down from Left Front
Left Side
Setting up at Show
Depicts Arrow Loop
Rik adding Final Touchups!
View of Rear Left Side
Front and Left End View
Front Entry
Inside Lower Tower
Inside the Kitchen
Old Mermaid on Rock
View of Roof and Tower Steeple
Left Front and End View
Gargoyle on Light Fixture
Fireplace and Dragon Light
Leaded Windows in Lower Hall
Timbers and Balcony
Beautiful view of Balcony
Another View of Balcony
Philadelphia Miniature Display
Front View at Show
Display at Show
Right End Displayed at Show
Rik with the Castle
Dark Elves in Front Tower
Oriel Window and Fireplace
Main Hall
Castle at Night

Vale of the Black Toad is a commission piece that Rik designed for Evelyn Gilbert. It is a pure fantasy piece specifically created to house her collection of black elves and an old, haggard mermaid sitting upon a rock on the edge of the lake. This medieval gothic and tudor style castle with its waved course roof is filled with fantasy and whimsy. Rik's original castings of gargoyles, gothic windows and doors allude to the dark side of this enchanting castle. And the interior is as stunning as the outside with its beautiful faux marble floor and detailed stairs and railings. 


Evelyn has taken numerous classes with Rik, and he has had the priviledge of holding classes in her home in Maryland. She is an avid miniaturist at heart and has quite an extensive collection of his pieces and those of other artisans on display in her home.  

Vale of the Black Toad

Detailed by EvelynGilbert

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