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Venice Canal

The Venice Canal was a class project reminiscent of the style of homes lining the Venice Canal Walkways in Italy. Rik's castings for the frieze work surrounding the roof top patio,  the Arabic style widows, balcony, and the red and white poles in the resin poured waterway reflect the rich culture for this fascinating project. The style was totally out of character from the medieval and tudor styles he normally teaches, but a welcome alternataive for those who took his class.

This particular one was made especially for Juliane Arlt in memory of the trip she and her mother took together to Venice.

Great View of Venice Canal
Venice Canal Front View
Arabic Arch and Balcony
Side and Interior View
Other Side and Interior View
Both Interior Floors
Ornate Door with Gothic Arch
View of Fireplace & Wallpaper
Interior Door with Arch
Interior Door and Chandelier
Fireplace and Window
Arabic Arch & Balcony Inside View
Closeup of Fireplace
Exterior Brick w/Arch Surround
Ornate Door and Columns
Front View Depicting Water
Venice Canal
Arabic Arch and Balcony
Docking Post to Identify House
3-Sided Interior View
Closeup of Docking Post & Water
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